MythicalMU 45

    Rules and Regulations

    I. General Rules
    1. No Cheat or any other 3rd Party Software Allowed Except Macro Recorder (e.g Jitbit)
    2. Real Money Trade (RMT) or any transactions with money involved in the game is strictly prohibited. a. Player who reports the transaction and/if confirmed reported item will be given to him/her. b. If the Player sell/buy or ask someone to transact with money just to report as an RMT. Player will also be penalized.
    3. Selling of Guild/Solo Pack on any other form of currency in-game is strictly prohibited
    4. Guild Pack / Solo Pack is strictly applied to 1 pack for each player.
    5. Attempts to hack, use cheats, attack, aliterate, or penetrate the game or server will automatically be banned, and also all accounts used on the same HWID. Item is not refundable
    6. Maximum Client per HWID is 3. Using other software or virtual space to reach greater than 3 clients is not allowed.
    7. Bug Abuse will also be penalized
    8. Accidental item deletion, sold to NPC, Chaos mix fail, or any user fault is not refundable
    9. Content Creator / Live Streamer compensation depends on its performance (Compensation is not always, depends on admin)
    10. Player who reports a legit Cheater with a video or any proof and is confirmed by the Admin all items will be given to the player who reports.

    II. Donation Rules
    1. Borrowing of Donation items to GM is strictly prohibited
    2. Customize Stats, Gear, or any other items that is not in game standard is not allowed
    3. Swap of Donation item into a different gear with 1-day occurrence is not allowed
    4. Free 1 Socket Change on all S4 Items
    5. Free 1 Yellow Option change on all Excellent Items
    6. Seed Sphere type and purpose are standard (No Killer Set/ Def Set)
    7. Refund of donation items is not allowed. Swap on other in-game item is acceptable (#3 Rules can be applied in the different scenarios)
    8. No Donation of Jewels, 1 Part Set items, and any other item that is not included on the package list (See Donation-package tab), Seed Sphere & BSO can't be donated.
    9. If there's a new item released within 2 weeks of Donation, Gear of related Item can request Upgrade (e.g Tier 2 Set to T3) but need to add a remaining fee.

    Posted 11-04-2023